Burkynskyi Borys Volodymyrovich

 Was born on November 3, 1942,  Voznesensk (Mykolayivska oblast). He studied at Lomonosov Odessa Technological Institute (Odessa National academy of food technology) in 1961-1965. In 1970 he started working in Odessa Department of Economic Institute of Academy of Sciences of USSR (since 1991 - Institute of Market Problems and Economic&Ecological Researched, NAS of Ukraine). 

  In 1975 Borys Burkynskyi got the degree of a candidate of economic sciences, in 1989 he mainained a thesis successfully to gain degree of a doctor of economic  sciences in subject  «Production Planning Panagement Services Methodology».  B.Burkinskiy in his work combines scientific research on the problems of production intensification in various industries and guide their practical implementation in the Southern region of Ukraine. In 1992  he was awarded the academic title of professor, in 1995 he was elected as a corresponding member of the NAS of Ukraine. 

In 1997, he became "Honored Worker of Science and Technology of Ukraine", and in 2003 Borys Burkynskyi was elected by National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine as a full member (academician) of NAS of Ukraine and became the winner  of the State Prize in Science and Technology for the cycle of work in the regional economy. In 2005  Borys Burkynskyi  with his co-authors were awarded with M.I. Tugan-Baranovsky NAS of Ukraine Award  for the cycle of scientific works "Regional Development Ecologization".

Fundamental scientific research of prof. B.V. Burkynskyi during the formation of the national market economy are devoted to the development of the theory and methodology of restructuring of economic complexes, rational interaction and compatibility of economic structures in terms of market relations, features of economic modernization and transformation of functioning of industrial enterprises models; formation of institutional transformation mechanisms in the economy; development of innovation and investment policy in the region and efficiency of innovation processes; the theory and methodology of competition and entrepreneurship development; strategies and mechanisms for strengthening the production, socio-economic and natural-resource potential of the Ukrainian Black Sea.  His research interests are extremely broad and covers the most pressing problems of modern economics - from problems of institutional economics to the problems of system-wide integration of economy, ecology and social development

  Prof. Burkynskyi has provided leadership for a key institute of the National Academy of Sciences, providing creative scientific direction and organizing the management of economic research. He has initiated new scientific directions on sustainable regional development, development of market mechanisms, development of models of free economic zones, and development of business. He has participated directly in and headed economic analytical research as well as its practical application in Ukraine’s Southern region.

His theoretical and analytical contributions have led to practical application of new management methods in machine-building enterprises such as shipbuilding and ship repair. He has initiated the development of the theoretical and conceptual basis and recommendations for increasing the contribution of Ukraine’s sea transport to the economy, and for development of transport corridors linked to Ukraine’s ports. Under his leadership the Institute has undertaken extensive and fundamental research and concretization on this problem. He is now undertaking and directing scientific research on key problems of social and economic development in Ukraine’s regions. He has made a significant contribution to addressing the problems of a regional market economy and its economic management.

Prof. Burkynskyi is scientific adviser and expert for the supreme bodies of legislative and executive authority, in particular a working group for the Cabinet of Ukraine on preparation of projects relating to the regulation of sea transport. He has frequently participated in the preparation of recommendations for the annual message of the President to the Parliament of Ukraine on strategic problems of modern economic policy and on regional ecological policy and sustainable development. He has also been the co-coordinator of a Working Group of the Presidium of the National Academy of Sciences on social and economic problems and regional policy

    With the participation and guidance of prof. Burkynskyi B.V. the Institute has established scientific schools that conduct research on the problems of the regional industry and the maritime economic complex restructuring, the formation of national transport and technological systems, the development of entrepreneurship, the ecologization of the Ukrainian Black Sea sustainable development, and theoretically substantiated the model of reconstruction of the national navy and formulated specific proposals on its implementation.

  The works in the area of theoretical and methodological and applied issues of ecologization and the "green" vector of economic development occupy a special place in the scientific contribution of prof. Burkynskyi B.V. under his leadership and with his direct involvement, the necessity of introducing green economy principles in Ukraine is substantiated.

Burkynskyi B.V. made a significant contribution to ensuring the economic growth of the southern region by directly leading the development of the "State Program of Socio-Economic Development of the Ukrainian Black Sea" and regional programs - "Entrepreneurship Development", "Development of Foreign Economic Activity" and others. D.Sc. Burkynskyi B.V. is one of the authors of the "Strategy of Economic and Social Development of Ukraine for 2004-2015: Towards European Integration" and "Program of complex development of Ukrainian Danube in 2004-2011".

Recently, under the scientific guidance of Academician B.V. Burkynskyi at the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine has implemented a number of initiatives on scientific substantiation, development and submission to the central bodies of legislative and executive power of draft national-level strategic documents. In particular, the Concept of Ukraine's Transition to Sustainable Development and the National Concept of Implementation and Development of Organic Production in Ukraine were developed. Under his leadership, a scientific report "Introducing the principles of the global green course into the model of economic development of Ukraine” was prepared and approved by the Presidium of the NAS of Ukraine for implementation (2012).

A significant contribution of Academician B. Burkynskyi in training of specialists of the highest economic qualification for universities and research institutes of the region: under his guidence more than 50 doctors and candidates are maintained.  In 2003-2013 he was a head of the  Department of Environmental Economics  of Odessa State Ecological University. Since September, 2013  B. Burkynskyi heads the Department of Administrative Management and Market Problems at the Odessa National Polytechnic University. Academician B. Burkynskyi is author more than 300 scientific works, among them - 40 single and collective monographs. Most significant are: «Marine complex:  in 2 т.» (1991), «Environmental management: basics of economic-ecological theory» (1999), «Transformation of enterprise development models» (2001), « Mobilization Policy of the regional integral resource : in 2 is.» (2002), «Economic and ecological bases of regional nature management and development» (2005), «An innovative strategy in the socio-economic development of the region» (2007), «Development strategy of the regional industrial complex  (landmarks, resources, restrictions)» (2008), «Crisis management of marine nature management (theoretical, methodological and applied aspects of research)»  (2010), «Green economy through the prism of transformational shifts in Ukraine»  (2011), «Formation of a competitive economy of the Ukrainian Black Sea regions» (2012), «Scientific principles of sustainable development of Ukraine» (2012), «Enterprise Potential in Poland and Ukraine: Regulatory Mechanisms» (2014), «Capitalization of the economy of the Ukraine regions » (2014) etc.

  For 30 years B. Burkynskyi has been the Deputy Chairman of the Southern Science Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and NAS of Ukraine. Scientific Advisor and Expert of Higher Legislatures and Executive Bodies, Freelance Consultant of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Committee on Science and Education. Member of the working group at the Odessa Regional Scientific and Technical Council, member of the working group at the Odessa City Council, Chairman of the Odessa Regional Board of the Union of Economists of Ukraine. He is the chairman of the editorial boards of the quarterly journal "Economics of the Food Industry" and the collection of scientific works "Economic Innovations", the deputy editor-in-chief of the collection of scientific works of the State Economic and Technological University of Transport of the series "Economics and Management".

  Academician B. Burkynskyi has been honored with high state awards for outstanding scientific and scientific-organizational achievements. His fruitful and selfless work has been awarded with Order of Merit of the Third Degree (2002), the Order of Merit of the Second Degree (2008), the Order of Merit of the First Degree (2019); the gratitude of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine (2002), the gratitude of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (2018), "For Conscientious Work" I degree - Ministry of Economy (2010), Honors of NAS of Ukraine "For Preparation of Scientific Change" (2010), Petro Mohyla Honorary Badge of MES of Ukraine (2011), Honorary Distinction of Odessa Mayor "Badge of Honor" (2007).

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